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Brief Overview

Retail locations - traditional brick and mortar - are ever so cool again as retailers face the challenges of executing omnichannel retailing. The advent of social media and the smart phone have been incredibly disruptive for brick and mortar retailers. But a funny thing happened on the way to ecommerce's world-wide domination. Along with profitability challenges, retailers are starting to understand that the web might not always be their enemy. As fears of showrooming fade, retailers are recognizing that the real role of their digital selling channels is not to compete with the Amazon's of the world, but rather to facilitate the pre-sales educational process, known as "webrooming." Consequently, the number of retailers who believe the web is all about "selling stuff" has clearly declined. And winning retailers selling soft goods are leading the charge.What are the winners doing differently? How should you leverage your store operations appropriately to fulfill your online brand promise? This JDA / RSR Report will provide you quick insights.

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