JDA Software

Brief Overview

Company executives across all industries are increasingly being tasked with transforming business operations to improve competitiveness and achieve faster return on investment. Often this requires implementation of new technology. But the pace of change will not allow for protracted implementation cycles. To assist companies with meaningful transformation and faster ROI, JDA Software offers Fast Track NOW. Fast Track NOW is a proven methodology for delivering rapid customer value through deployingindustry best practices and a templatized approach to implementations derived from JDA's extensive experience.

The JDA Fast Track methodology is available for these JDA software solutions:

· JDA AllocationJDA Allocate Now
· JDA AssortmentJDA Assort Now
· JDA Inventory OptimizationJDA Inventory Now
· JDA Enterprise PlanningJDA Plan Now
· JDA Advanced Store Replenishment, JDA Demand, JDA Demand Classification, JDA Fulfillmentand JDA Order OptimizationJDA Replenish Now
· JDA Sales and Operations PlanningJDA S&OP Now
· JDA Demand, JDA Master Planning, JDA Fulfillmentand JDA Reporting & AnalyticsJDA Supply Chain Now
· JDA Transportation ManagerJDA Transportation Now
· JDA Warehouse ManagementJDA WMS Now
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