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The global marketplace drives both opportunities and challenges for the automotive and industrial markets. While demand is booming in developing regions, challenges in some traditional markets are fueling an industry overhaul. Meanwhile, the cost of raw materials is rising, but buyers won't tolerate higher prices. How can the industry grow under these conditions? Via a well-managed supply chain that streamlines workflows, optimizes parts distribution and puts automotive and industrial suppliers and distributors in the driver's seat.

Many of the largest automotive and industrial companies — including seven of the top 15 motor vehicles and parts companies in the Fortune 500 — have turned to JDA for its supply chain management technology and domain expertise in demand management, master planning and distribution planning, sales and operations planning, factory planning and scheduling, supplier collaboration and visibility, and warehouse and labor management.

JDA’s innovative software and services enable automotive and industrial manufacturers and suppliers to:

Automotive and industrial enterprises can also rely on JDA solutions for inventory optimization, supplier relationship management and order promising.

Why JDA?

JDA solutions are built on an in-depth understanding of your supply chain needs, and feature configurable, best practice processes and workflows developed in conjunction with leading automotive and industrial companies. With JDA solutions, you can improve partner collaboration, extend visibility and reduce risks — ensuring that demand, production, supply and budgets are in sync.

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Prior to using JDA solutions, many of our products went to the wrong place and were produced too early or too late and our inventory mix was not optimal. We estimated that 1 to 2 percent of our total revenue was lost every year because of our inability to make accurate delivery promises. However, now with the help of JDA’s solutions, we expect to make a 1- to 2-percent increase in revenue and simultaneously reduce assets locked up in our supply chain. In addition to improving the satisfaction of our existing customers, we also expect to win more business as a result of the JDA solutions. All together, we estimate that the benefits of JDA solutions will translate into a cash savings of millions of Euros.

Dirk Peterman
Project Manager
Continental AG

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