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Optimize pricing, performance and profitability

Hotel operators face tremendous challenges as they strive to maximize property revenue opportunities on all stay nights. It's a non-stop balancing act as hoteliers manage the risk of leaving money on the table against existing pricing processes. Increased price transparency and supply that far exceeds demand exacerbates the problem. And while demand is low across markets, consumers' ability to shop and compare room rates online has generated increased competition for price and value.

JDA provides a sophisticated approach to pricing and revenue management that is designed to help hoteliers balance supply and demand by competitively pricing rooms to optimize profits.

JDA's innovative software and services for the hospitality industry enable companies to:

  • Improve hotel revenue and profits on all stay nights. Hotel chains can achieve 2–12 percent revenue improvement per stay night and gain competitive advantage.
  • Optimize rates by analyzing consumer price sensitivity and competitor data. Hotel chains can make pricing decisions across the entire forecast horizon by maintaining mathematically optimal selling prices 365 days a year.
  • Improve demand forecasting. Companies are able to analyze historical booking data, local seasonality and event impact, along with the impact of price and promotions, to better understand their demand patterns and projected bookings. 
  • Achieve greater visibility. JDA's centralized forecasting provides visibility into demand, capacity and competitor data for every stakeholder to help hoteliers make better informed pricing decisions.
  • Automate pricing to reduce costs and overhead. Pricing automation enables property managers to spend less than 10 minutes per day on pricing, reducing costs and resources.
JDA offers additional solutions tailored to the needs of hotel operators including JDA's solutions for workforce management, price and promotions and enterprise store operations.

Why JDA?

JDA Pricing & Revenue Management solutions empower hotel operators to optimize their pricing strategy to stimulate demand and avoid lost sales by identifying prices for high and low demand periods, as well as provide pricing recommendations for different types of business or customer segments. Carlson Hotels Worldwide and Marriott are just a few of the industry leaders that are using JDA's solutions, which include advanced demand forecasting, price optimization, revenue management, asset optimization and analytical services, to increase profits and support market share growth.

"In terms of all of the projects we have out there to generate incremental revenue for our partners, our franchisees and our own hotels, these JDA solutions represent one of the highest-value tools we have."

Frederic Deschamps
Vice President of Global Revenue Optimization
Carlson Hotels

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