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Maximize visibility and control with integrated transportation and warehouse management

Many of the world’s leading third-party logistics companies — including CEVA, DHL Solutions, DSC Logistics, EXEL, Panalpina, Penske Logistics and UTi Worldwide  — have turned to JDA for its supply chain management technology and domain expertise in warehouse management, transportation planning, and logistics event management.

JDA’s innovative software and services enable third-party logistics companies to:

Why JDA?

JDA solutions are built on an in-depth understanding of your supply chain needs, and feature configurable, best practice processes and workflows developed in conjunction with leading third-party logistics providers. With JDA solutions, you can find the most cost-efficient solutions for servicing locations, minimizing transportation costs and identifying consolidation opportunities — enabling you to provide optimal solutions to your customers while enhancing profit margins.

For a consumer goods sector in Mexico that has 13,000 shipments, 18,000 lanes and 1,500 locations, JDA Transportation Modeler helped us to define the baseline and identify consolidation opportunities. In this particular case, we found 7 percent savings directly attributed to better optimization, better use of vehicles and stops per vehicle. We found that once you create a baseline and let JDA Transportation Modeler apply specific business rules, the biggest savings occurred.

Luis Vaquero
transportation and logistics
DHL-Exel Supply Chain

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