JDA Software

JDA 一直致力于以客户为中心创造真正的效益并不断开拓创新。我们的服务团队世界一流,可以帮助您从 JDA 投资中获得最大收益,让您从琐碎的工作中解脱出来,将集中精力进行核心业务的运营。我们拥有专门的专业团队,全部由训练有素、技术娴熟的专业人员组成,可随时与您并肩作战,确保您的应用程序始终发挥出最佳效用。

JDA 服务中心不但实现了高达 95% 的全球客户满意度,还具有以下无人可及的优势:

  • 快速有效的价值创造
  • 卓尔不群的专业造诣
  • 无与伦比的优质服务
  • 坚持不懈的开拓改进

Supply chain expertise and complete solution lifecycle management that enables you to focus on results, not software.
No one can get your solutions implemented or upgraded faster than JDA Implementation Services.
Ensure that your systems run at their optimal level throughout the lifetime of the solutions.
Achieve full, end-to-end supply chain management with solution development services.
Streamline your business strategy and processes, as well as optimizing your operations.

We have used JDA Software solutions over the last 10 years. As a partner, JDA Services has been very helpful in terms of support, functionality and flexibility.

Albert Cavallaro
Vice President of Applications
New York & Company, Inc.