JDA Software

Enabling Collaborative Planning for Improved Profitability, Productivity and Control

Breaking down the walls between manufacturers and retailers requires new levels of technology and trust. Older planning systems cannot scale to track the impact of pricing, promotions and events on an item-within-each-store level where it is most important in matching consumer demand. The JDA® Flowcasting™ solution has solved that problem with a cloud-based collaborative forecasting and planning solution that enables trading partners to work together from a single forecast and plan to improve profitability, productivity and control. Learn more at www.flowcasting.com

The JDA Flowcasting solution enables you to:

  • Align business plans for all supply chain partners through a single model of the business and one sell-through based forecast and demand plan
  • Better match inventory levels to demand at each supply chain node to reduce inventory levels, costs and out-of-stocks
  • Reduce forecast error and eliminate the bullwhip effect through a single version of the truth
  • Increase profitability, productivity and control with a precise business plan agreed to by all participants through collaboration
  • Leverage cloud deployment for optimal agility, visibility, consistency and return on investment
  • Benefit from the effects of patented slow-moving product forecasting and replenishment capabilities for retail as well as predictive analytics/root cause analysis and new product intelligence
JDA's highly experienced Flowcasting team can help both sides develop trust by building collaborative business plans where both achieve real benefits and a true "win-win" partnership. The result of this collaboration is a single, accurate, item-level forecast driving a single shared plan that is executed jointly by both partners to their mutual benefit. JDA Flowcasting is part of the JDA® Intelligent Fulfillment™ suite.