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准确地制定各门店特定的货架图是商家能够满足客户需求并最大程度地利用销售机遇的关键所在。通过将这种通常来说非常艰巨的任务自动化,JDA Planogram Generator 可使供应商和零售商获得更强的竞争优势并更迅速地响应市场变化。


利用 JDA Intactix Knowledge Base,JDA Planogram Generator 能够自动创建大量的经过优化的具体门店货架图,同时还可考虑用户定义的促销说明、货架、商品组合和绩效数据。只需执行一次批处理,即可快速地重新生成和重新分配大量的货架图,这样您就能够专注于品类分析和具有战略影响的市场趋势。


  • 可显著缩短货架图的制作时间
  • 可更有效、更有的放矢地进行商品管理,从而带来更大的回报
  • 可提高敏捷性和竞争优势
  • 可将资源集中在更具战略意义的领域

为何选择 JDA?

JDA Planogram Generator 使您能够在数秒内制作出量身定制的本地化货架图,而不是数个小时。JDA Planogram Generator 在生产率方面超过了市场上的其它任何一种解决方案,它是实现创新和高效的不二选择。

Challenge: Generating High Volumes of Store-Specific Planograms

When it comes to generating planograms, suppliers and retailers have continued to struggle with the old adage of quantity versus quality. Generic planograms can be produced relatively quickly, but many times they do not accurately represent consumer demands at a localized level. The result is poor store-level implementation. To address customer needs, many merchants are producing more store-specific planograms. However, this presents another set of challenges. Large amounts of store information – such as fixtures, product data, assortment recommendations, product performance information and merchandising rules – are needed to produce accurate, localized planograms. And merchandising departments, already overworked with competing priorities, often lack the resources needed to collect this data and create store-specific planograms in a timely manner. The combined results ultimately are diminished store compliance with strategic goals, dissatisfied consumers and missed opportunities.

Solution: Automating Planogram Generation to Meet Consumer Demand, Fast

Now with JDA® Planogram Generator – a ground-breaking solution that automates the high-volume production of optimized, store-specific planograms – suppliers and retailers can have the best of both worlds when producing planograms: quantity as well as quality.

Employing the fully integrated, centralized JDA® Category Knowledge Base (CKB), JDA Planogram Generator Enterprise automatically creates large numbers of planograms, taking into account userdefined merchandising instructions, fixtures, assortments and performance data. By automating this normally arduous task, JDA Planogram Generator Enterprise provides you with the agility to gain a key competitive edge. In a single batch effort, planograms are quickly reproduced and redistributed. This results in improved return on space investment, reduced stock-outs and competitive wins.

JDA Planogram Generator Client (myPG) provides much of the same value as Enterprise at a lower capacity. myPG does not require CKB and is licensed to an individual user on a standalone PC or laptop.

Rapidly producing a high volume of store-specific planograms promptly supplies stores with the tools needed to immediately satisfy consumer demand. You can also respond faster to market changes – a task not possible with manual planogramming. JDA Planogram Generator enables users to easily update merchandising rules based on performance data.

Generating Planograms in Just Seconds

Instead of spending the industry-standard three hours to create a single planogram, you can now produce one planogram in just a few seconds! With a production rate surpassing that of any competitive product, JDA Planogram Generator is the only choice for innovation and speed.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

By automatically generating planograms based on user-defined information, JDA Planogram Generator enables you to focus less on time-consuming planogram production and focus more on category analysis and market trends. With JDA Planogram Generator, suppliers can differentiate themselves from other vendors that lack the tools necessary to meet their retail customers’ growing demands for high-volume, store-specific planograms. In addition to delivering a superior level of service, suppliers can reallocate existing resources to more effectively manage categories and increase profitability.

Retailers can also benefit from this highly innovative solution.

Since the planograms generated already abide by merchantdriven, store-specific information, retailers can minimize the amount of manual planogram handling. And with the increased speed and volume of planograms generated, retailers can more efficiently tailor local assortments for more satisfied customers and maximized sales.

Real Results

Companies that rely on JDA Planogram Generator to deliver market-leading capabilities can realize significant benefits, including the following:

  • Enhanced profitability and market opportunities
  • Increased store compliance with strategic mandates
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Improved return on space investment with fewer stock-outs

We’ve experienced a considerable growth in seasonal and event-based promotions. Therefore, planograms need to be changed and issued to our stores more often than in the past to support these activities. Thanks to JDA’s Category Management solutions, merchandisers are able to plan and execute these planograms faster.

Mike Brown
strategic space planning manager
Co-operative Food Retail