JDA Software

Brief Overview

Building a performance-focused workforce entails alignment of people, processes and technology to create an environment in which high performance is designed into processes, taught to all workers through blended classroom and e-learning, built into expectations, monitored in real-time, and supported by observation, feedback and coaching. To accomplish this requires strategic process analysis and design, proven industrial engineering disciplines, and structured change management programs. Since most companies lack in-house expertise in these areas, JDA's® Workforce Management Services organization is available to lead and/or support this effort to optimize workforce performance.

  • Best practice development ensures work will be performed in the most safe and efficient manner
  • Engineered standards enable objective measurement of individual performance
  • Fair and accurate benchmarks increase worker buy-in,morale and retention
  • Multi-level, blended training programs instill best practice methodologies
  • Change management engenders workforce acceptance and buy-in to the performance culture
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