JDA Software

Brief Overview

Dedicated to developing exceptionally engineered personal technology, Lenovo's global presence expanded dramatically when it acquired IBM's personal computing (PC) division in 2005. The acquisition set the stage for rapid organic growth: building on its dominant position in China, the company's revenue has since increased from US$13 billion in 2006 to US$21 billion in 2011.

Because of its limited U.S. data center capacity at the time of implementation, Lenovo decided to deploy JDA's Web commerce solution and platform via JDA Cloud Services. Today, JDA manages all of the hardware, software and technology infrastructure behind Lenovo's application of JDA Web Commerce and JDA ABPP. This provided Lenovo impressive profit and business growth opportunities.

  • Grew profits by more than 225 percent
  • Increased revenue by more than 100 percent
  • Reduced infrastructure costs by 40 percent on an annual basis
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