JDA Software

Brief Overview

To maintain its leadership position in the competitive retail environment, PEP needed to re-examine its existing business processes and challenge its current merchandise planning processes to incorporate high-level strategic planning, business-unit planning and detail-level, sub-class planning to better coincide with the execution of its overall company strategy.

One of the most important advantages that PEP has realized with the JDA Merchandise Planning technology is the freshness of stock as a result of planning on a weekly basis. As PEP receives weekly updates, stock is efficiently turned. By rotating the old stock out of the business and providing customers with merchandise that they really want to buy has improved customer loyalty and profitability.

• Improved processes and operating efficiencies across the retail organization

• Achieved greater alignment of supply chain management processes with corporate objectives

• Streamlined in-season and pre-season product planning processes

• Strengthened high-level assortment planning

• Combined proven business needs with industry-leading business practices

• Improved profitability

• Decreased stock older than a year from 25 percent to 3 percent

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