JDA Software

Brief Overview

During the opening keynote address at the JDA FOCUS 2012 user conference, Hamish Brewer, JDA president and chief executive officer, detailed JDA's vision for cloud which includes a major paradigm shift in how JDA will provide supply chain solutions for its customers. JDA customers want faster time to value, reduced risk and improved long-term value from their supply chain solutions.

JDA Cloud Services is about delivering value, not simply running and maintaining software. With a shift to a cloud-based business, JDA can help customers do more with less. In the past six months, JDA has rapidly deployed over 50 application environments, each in under three hours. To underscore our commitment to this new business model, all JDA proposals moving forward will by default be offered in the cloud.

JDA Cloud Services enables companies to achieve supply chain excellence that improves agility and delivers business results. Customers experience an enhanced solution ownership experience that includes:

  • Rapid time to value
  • Reduced risk
  • Improved business agility
  • Long-term, sustainable business value

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