JDA Software

Brief Overview

There has been a seismic shift in consumer behavior: consumers no longer “go” shopping, instead they are always shopping. From mobile to store to contact center and back again - consumers are zig-zagging their way – browsing, shopping and buying – across multiple areas simultaneously. Along the way, they are demanding a consistent and inspiring brand experience. Welcome to the era of synchronous shopping.

In response, retailers must re-evaluate their entire enterprise – including the people, processes and technologies that support them – to evolve and transform their operating model. To succeed, they must orchestrate a cohesive, multi-dimensional brand experience – from browsing and buying to fulfillment - to profitably and consistently engage shoppers throughout the entire shopping journey.

To achieve a competitive edge in the new era of retail and put retail in sync, retailers must adopt the Five Tenets of a Synchronous Shopping Retail Model in order to re-capture profitability and outmaneuver the competition:

  • Unified Customer Engagement
  • Adaptive, Consumer-Centric Offers
  • Flexible, Real-Time, Responsive Supply Chain
  • Profitable Distributed Order Management
  • Enterprise-Wide Demand Shaping and Forecasting

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