JDA Software

Brief Overview

Retailers of all sizes are tasked with navigating the inherent complexities of workforce management and striking a balance between reducing store operating budgets and a growing demand for a customer-centric shopping experience.

By using schedules which are automatically generated based on forecasted staffing requirements, store managers can be freed from the laborious task of building schedules from the ground up, and instead make minor changes to the system-generated schedule as needed, cutting the human effort by 50 percent or more.

This further enabled this grocery retailer to establish a minimum-hours policy for weeks that have been historically slow to effectively reduce labor costs by 10-15 percent. Even by simply implementing traditional templatebased scheduling with integrated time and attendance, an outdoor lifestyle retailer realized a 25-percent savings in overtime dollars.

Solutions that can yield short-term ROI without the burden or risk of lengthy implementation timelines will prove indispensible.

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