Blue Yonder


Blue Yonder, a JDA company, is a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) solutions that enable retailers, consumer products and other companies to intelligently transform their operations and make more profitable, automated business decisions that deliver higher profits and optimized customer experiences. 

With AI/ML learnings embedded into their core supply chain and merchandising processes, companies can respond quicker to dynamic market conditions and customer preferences, resulting in increased revenues and margins.

The Technology Behind Our Solutions

AI is now being used to transform the retail industry, enabling retailers to be better positioned to provide customers with the experience that they both demand and expect.   Technology advancements enable machines to make billions of automated every-day decisions, reducing the risk of human error or bias ensuring that decisions are made objectively and in real time. The introduction of AI can be seen as the start of a new era where staff can ‘work smart‘ and become increasingly effective in delivering the very best customer experience.

Blue Yonder was founded in 2008 in Karlsruhe, Germany, by former CERN scientist Professor Michael Feindt and acquired by JDA Software in 2018. The company has received numerous awards, including the Experton Big Data Leader Award 2016, the BT Retail Week Technology Award, the IGD Award 2017 for Supply Chain Innovation. 

Professor Dr. Michael Feindt is the brain behind Blue Yonder. His NeuroBayes algorithm was developed during his many years of scientific research at CERN. Michael is also a professor at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, and a lecturer at the Data Science Academy.

“The key to becoming a better company is better decisions. The key to better decisions is using your own data.”

Professor Dr. Michael Feindt, Founder of Blue Yonder

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"Investigative spirit, openness and solution-oriented teamwork characterize working at Blue Yonder. We value breaking new ground and being creative. We are a company with perspective and interesting colleagues." - Prof. Dr. Michael Feindt, Founder of Blue Yonder

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