As consumers demand ever-increasing power and performance, semiconductor companies are pressured to continuously launch the “next big thing.” But how can you forecast demand for an unknown commodity — let alone optimize your global supply chain to produce it profitably?

Enter JDA. We’ve already helped companies like Altera Corporation, Infineon Technologies, Skyworks Solutions, and ST Microelectronics achieve excellence. These leaders have turned to JDA for our best-in-class capabilities across the supply chain.

When the chips are down, shouldn’t you choose the industry leader?

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You can trust JDA to help you:

  • 通过改进供应商协作,加速产品发布
  • 通过协商一致的计划和统计预测来预测客户需求的变化
  • 通过消除错误和建立标准来提高仓库生产力
  • 通过可见性和智能配补货提高订单的准确度
  • 通过敏捷控制塔提高可见性、灵活性和响应性,快速地将全球供应计划联系在一起
  • 当平衡供应与需求时,协调功能和计划,作出科学权衡
  • Optimize factory performance to maximize throughput while minimizing operating expenses
  • 在盈利的基础上平衡承诺和约束,进而优化运输和物流
  • 通过产品和客户细分、差异化的服务水平和对订单交货期模式的识别来削减库存投资