Demand-Driven Retail: The New Normal


Improving profits and service levels by anticipating and incorporating demand into retail merchandising and supply chain management. The spring season for apparel retailers officially begins in February, but in some regions demand for warm-weather clothing and footwear exists even during the traditional winter season. In the upper Midwestern part of the United States, many residents routinely escape the cold weather for vacations and cruises in warmer climates; meaning shoppers on the lookout for summer apparel and sandals often have a slim-to-none selection or simply find that boots and winter clothing are the only options in stock. While savvy retailers have adjusted their product assortments to meet this regional demand, there still exists a costly disconnect among many – leading to lost revenues and less-than-satisfied customers. It’s hard not wonder how much more merchandise could be sold with a more localized assortment plan; this is the proverbial “black hole” of not knowing what you don’t know.