How can Inventory Optimization help my business?

Imagine if you had endless inventory. You could meet any customer request and instantly fulfill every single order. Of course, this scenario is impractical and unprofitable. That’s why you need JDA Inventory Optimization. This innovative solution helps you profitably balance speed and responsiveness with real-world inventory costs and risk exposure. By having the right products in the right place at the right time, you can seamlessly match orders with available inventory.


  • 定义和利用自定义的库存策略
  • 最大化关键物料、部件和产品的产量及利润率
  • 将库存运营与市场趋势的顶级战略运营约束和客户细分策略相结合


  • 与过剩的库存和报废产品相关的成本降低
  • 提高客户服务满意度和忠诚度
  • Minimizes inventory distortion based on customer buying behavior analysis

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