JDA Retail.me如何帮助客户实现效益?

在当前零售业的“个性化商务 (me commerce)”时代,消费者拥有绝对的话语权,他们希望获得个性化的商品和服务,并希望能随时随地进行购物。在保住利润的同时,零售商如何才能满足上述需求?答案就在 JDA Retail.me 解决方案!这是一款基于云的软件即服务 (SaaS) 产品,用户将在大数据的引导下,根据消费者的实际购买行为以非常直观的方式进行规划。利用Retail.me 近乎无限的扩展能力和敏捷度,您将重新赢得零售市场中的主导权。
Retail.me is now Luminate Assortment! Retail.me is now Luminate Assortment!
Take a look at our demo! Take a look at our demo!


  • 谷歌云 (Google Cloud) 所带来的近乎无限的扩展性、实时更新以及快速方便的上线
  • 非常直观的在线模拟购物环境
  • 不宕机持续升级
  • 以大数据引导的零售规划


  • 谷歌云带来了前所未有的成本优势,灵活性和价值回收速度也大幅提升
  • 得益于以顾客为中心的品种设置,销量和毛利均得以提升
  • 得益于以顾客为中心的品种设置,销量和毛利均得以提升 • 与合作商实时协同提高了工作效率及统一度

It’s Time to Illuminate Your Supply Chain with JDA Luminate

In today's supply chains, customer demand can change in an instant due to trends, global events, weather, moves by the competition and more. To be successful, new solutions are required that run on a cognitive, connected and open platform. The path forward begins with next-generation solutions that can turn real-time data and insights into fast, profitable business decisions. With JDA Luminate, you can now harness the power of the cloud and cutting-edge innovation – such as SaaS, IoT, AI and advanced analytics – to drive smarter, more agile supply chain transformations for greater results.
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